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The Things I Carried

Many times, we carry baggage from our past that distorts the present and holds the future at bay. The thing is, we have a choice what we carry, and when we finally realize we can put the baggage down, it not only frees us from the hurts and failures of the past, but it allows us to step boldly and with hope into the future. If after reading this post you want to know what the reference to “Friday Night Lights” is about, click on the link at the bottom of the post.

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I strongly believe we are products of our surroundings and, unfortunately, when we are young our surroundings cannot be of our own choosing. We are born into the time we are born into, to those we are born to, and if we’re lucky… well, we’re just lucky. The thing is, we don’t have to carry the bad stuff from our past with us, and the sooner we realize this simple truth, the sooner we will become the person we can be. Countless times I have said, “I wish I’d known then, what I know now.” Now… I’m just glad I know it now.

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A Little Less Conversation – 2

You look a lot older in person, I said

I wasn’t expecting the gray hair

Or the weathered look

Must be the dry desert air


How old you think I am, he said

Giving me one a those lopsided grins

Voice still smooth as ever

Every word spoken like a song


old men talkingI thought about it for a bit

Shrugged and said, maybe eighty

He didn’t look that  old

But the math said he might be


Damn, son, he said

The grin sliding away

Sad eyes looking at me

Like a hound dog sent to the porch



Sorry, man, I said

Holding my hands up; surrendering

There just ain’t no accounting

For a fool such as I


He laughed and raised his hand

We high-fived; his one-sided grin reappeared

And he said, well that’s all right

Long as you stay offa my blue suede shoes


I got up to leave, shook his hand

Told him I was glad he wasn’t dead

He made me promise not to tell where he was

Lot of suspicious minds out there, he said


I walked away, looking back one more time

Grinned at the flashing neon sign above him

A big blue moon floated above red letters



Below, smaller letters read, try the king’s sweets

A picture of a Twinkie was below that

As I slid into my pickup, the old guy mumbled

Thank ya, thankyaverymuch


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

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The Key to Forever

the key to happiness

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Wishful Thinking?

July 2016 quote

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Choose Boldly, My Friends

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The Good Ol’ Days

fence 3-10-17 quote

This is an excerpt from my short story, You Kids Git Outta My Yard. <—- Click on the title if you’d like to read the story,

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It IS this simple

flowers &amp; grass 3-10-17 quote

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When First We Toddle

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The Power of Words

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Watching Him Work

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