My Wheels Don’t Turn!

My Wheels Don’t Turn

But I ain’t broke

   So don’t try to fix me

     Cause, that’s the way I’m made

      Not for the riding

       Just for the lookin’ at

        No seat to sit upon

         And no “petals” to push

          But you can look at them

           (Please don’t touch)

            And though I may not compare

             To a shiny red Schwinn

              There’s times when

               I really show my colors


                Springtime is my time

                 That’s when duty calls

                  And I’m the talk of the town

                   The neighborhood, anyway

                     I was made for sunny weather

                       And a little rain

                        Won’t dampen my spirits none either

                           In fact

                            We had a little shower yesterday

                              And I feel good!

So, I gotta ask ya…

                           How ya like me now?!?!


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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