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My Wheels Don’t Turn!

My Wheels Don’t Turn

But I ain’t broke

   So don’t try to fix me

     Cause, that’s the way I’m made

      Not for the riding

       Just for the lookin’ at

        No seat to sit upon

         And no “petals” to push

          But you can look at them

           (Please don’t touch)

            And though I may not compare

             To a shiny red Schwinn

              There’s times when

               I really show my colors


                Springtime is my time

                 That’s when duty calls

                  And I’m the talk of the town

                   The neighborhood, anyway

                     I was made for sunny weather

                       And a little rain

                        Won’t dampen my spirits none either

                           In fact

                            We had a little shower yesterday

                              And I feel good!

So, I gotta ask ya…

                           How ya like me now?!?!


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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Police! Open Up!

Thankfully, I’ve never heard those words from the other side of my front door. I was, however, visited by an officer of the law yesterday. He rang the bell and waited patiently for me to answer. Then! Four of them pounced on me, cuffed me and dragged me, kicking and screaming, to the van parked at the curb!
I’m kidding!

cartoon handcuff guyI am a much too calm and collected person to have screamed and kicked. What were you thinking?

There was only one of them, and he asked me, very politely, to turn around so he could cuff me.

Still kidding!

Okay! I’m making all this up!

Here’s what really happened (honest): Read the rest of this entry »

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Clean As You Go

Parenting: There is no book of instructions that will work with every child and parent. We do what we think is the right thing to do, and hope for the best.

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

I always enjoy Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Fridays, and I sometimes try to take the prompt she provides us in a slightly different direction than I think other writers will. This one was actually inspired by another blogger’s post I read this morning. Mine is fiction, hers is real.

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If By Chance…

I believe everything and everyone that touches our lives does so for a reason.  I had such an encounter yesterday. It was brief, but good—our conversation lasted only a few 4-8-17 7 quoteminutes—but it left me with the firm believe that our paths had crossed for a reason, and many others would be touched by it as we went our separate ways. Then, this morning I came across a post from another blogger that I’d shared with my readers four years ago. I revisited her blog, and was once again touched and encouraged by the things she’d written. And there it was again, that passing by of another that left a mark—a good one—on me. (Her too, I think.) The paragraph below is what she said in her post four years ago that touched me and remained with me.

Have you ever been in a funk and totally zoned out? Perhaps standing in a line at a register waiting to be checked out, and a baby catches your eye and smiles at you? In a split second, you are transported to a place of innocent joy between you and that smiling baby. You smile back only to receive an even bigger smile. At that moment, nothing else matters, not bills, being late for an important date, or even what has you really worried. It is as if God Himself, reached down to hug you. The innocent exchange reminds you of bigger things. Maybe even a glimpse of a speck of what heaven will be like. Nothing but innocent joy.

You can check out the rest of her post by clicking on the link below:

It’s a good read.


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This Silence Was Not Golden

A true and tragic story from my logging days of yore. (That means it happened a long long time ago.)

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

This morning, while commenting on one ofKellie Elmore’s wonderful poems, Red Wine and Norah Jones, I was inspired to write the one you’re about to read. In my poem, I mention a friend from back in my logging days in the great northwest near Mount Rainier.

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The Sun Came Up Again

Still one of my favorites. I can still see the sun across my arms and desk the morning I wrote it.

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

There will always be good and bad in our lives and in the world we live in, and it’s okay to feel the pain and sadness when it comes, but we can’t hold onto the bad stuff; we have to let it go and move on. I know, it’s a lot easier to say than it is to do, but we have to remember the sun will come up each day and spring will come each year; we know that and we have to know too, there is much to be thankful for, even in the midst of pain or sadness. Feel the pain–wallow in it, if you must–but then, get up and move on. Look at the good things, and leave the past in the past. If we’re too busy being sad about yesterday, or worrying about tomorrow, we won’t have time to enjoy today.

The Sun Came Up…

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No Place to Hide

My theme of choice lately is just that: “choices“. Life often seems random, and we sometimes feel as though we’re extras in a movie we don’t even like. But I believe it’s more than that, and we can alter the course of our lives–even the lives of others–when we make the right choices. Read the rest of this entry »

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