Standing In The Shallows

JULI - COVERI’ve written many things that I haven’t published, but I’m leaning toward changing that in the near future. I figure maybe if I saturate the market with my stuff, something will catch the current and pull the rest along with it. One of the things I did publish was a novella called “JULI”. It didn’t get caught in the proverbial current; mostly—I think—because I just threw it out there and didn’t do anything to help it along. Sometimes, we have to push things—ourselves—out into the stream, so we can make the choice to either drift on down the river, or swim across.

JULI is a story about one woman’s struggles to find God in a world that does its best to hide Him. It’s also about how she—like many of us—knows He’s there, but for one reason or another don’t turn to Him and trust Him. It’s about how much He loves us. It’s about how all He wants is for us to cross the river between us and Him. Most of all, it’s about us learning that all He wants is for us to love Him.

I wrote the following lines last night, and I think they might be the chorus to a song I’m going to write. I could probably use a little shove out into the current… I’m not getting anywhere standing here in the shallows.


He’s sitting over there on the other side

Of the river that runs between us

Not saying a word but the love in his eyes

Says come on home

Just come on home


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Love this chorus . . . all any of us want is to be able to go home

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