Dreaming Short Dreams

Sometimes a thought comes at you broadside and knocks you for a loop. You start thinking about things, and pretty soon you’re sitting on the curb with your head in your hands. Eventually, you shake it off and finish the walk home. Then, you write it down and show it to the world.

Dreaming Downhill 

I remember topping the rise

Picked up a book one night

And the words were blurred

No warning

The boss laughed at me

Said I needed reading glasses



Dug in my heels

Thinking it was too early

I was too young

To start down the other side

Seemed like a long stretch of level

Should’ve come before the steep drop



Hit some rocks and flipped out

Into mid-air, screaming and flailing

Grabbed onto a bush

To slow myself down

Slid on my butt for a ways

Through poison ivy



Dusted myself off

Zigged and zagged for a while

Going slow, making it last

Started wondering about the dreams

Forgotten… left behind

Should I go back for them



Seeing I wasn’t dead yet, eventually

I decided, yes, new dreams

Easy ones maybe

But something to shoot for

Hoping the powder was dry

Trying to recall how many shots I’d fired



dreaming dreams (2)And that’s where you find me today

Dreaming short dreams

Easing down the far side of the hill

The rainbow’s end in sight

Behind that next big rock

Pot of gold there… I think…


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Nothing wrong with short dreams . . .

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