Figments Of My E-magination

old guy computerIt’s kind of weird having friends you’ve never laid eyes on. Same is true for all the old friends from the past. Haven’t seen some of them in 50 years, but it’s almost like you’ve spent your whole life with them. Except when they post their picture… THAT changes everything!


Figments of My E-magination

I ran into an old friend the new way yesterday

I love the Internet

Re-connecting with old friends and making new ones

Though far away in miles, able to stay in touch

Email, Twitter, blog and Facebook

All awesome things

But I’ve come to realize

Even when it’s so easy to stay in touch

People come, and then they go

Not many stay for long

Though only a click away

The distance seems to grow

Sometimes an abrupt thing

Other times a slow fade

The new seems to wear off

And pretty soon they’re gone.

But… as one exits, another enters

And it’s like were on a vast ocean

Little bumper boats drifting around

Waving, smiling, and tooting horns

It used to bother me

This just-passing-by syndrome

I wanted them all to stay

But I’ve come to terms with it

I like it

A life constantly full of new friends—and old

Coming and going

In the ebb and flow of the e-world we live in

I enjoy them while they’re here

Then wish them well

When they continue on their way

And sometimes I wonder

If its not some kinda cosmic trick

Maybe theyre all just figments

Of my E-magination


Copyright © 2017 C. Mashburn



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Very good, Charlie . . . and neat play on words (e-magination).

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