If You Say So…

 “In Accordance With Fact or Reality,” is the dictionary’s definition of “true.” And so I’ve come to the conclusion the word “true” is no longer a reality because, the fact is… truth has become a personal and individual thing. A choice.

You can tell me something that happened to you, and tell it word for word as it factually occurred, knowing it is reality, and swearing it is true, but I can choose if I want to believe it. I can decide whether or not it’s true to me.

History can be re-written, photographs can be altered, and our actions and statements can be denied or redefined in seconds by those whose fact and reality is different from ours. Fact, reality, and truth have become perceptions. A thing, an action, a statement, is true only if we want it to be, and even if we accept it as true, we can filter it to fit our individual belief system.

3-21-17 3 quote

And that… (I’ve decided), is the truth.

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