Til We Meet Again

I woke up this morning with a vivid dream still fresh in my mind. In the dream, my dad was with me, and he was trying to help me get some papers filed regarding my upcoming move. He was very kind, concerned, and helpful, and I had the thought—in the dream just be before I woke up—He’s a pretty good guy.

When I was a child the thought that my dad was a pretty good guy seldom entered my mind. He was an angry, confused man, and he took his frustrations out on those around him. But sometimes… he was good.

The dream remained at the forefront of my thoughts, and while I had my morning coffee, I had what some might call a revelation: My dad at some point in his life accepted Christ as his savior, and therefore, based on the grace of God, he will be waiting for me in heaven, and neither of us will remember any of the bad stuff.

4-8-17 8 quote


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    wonderful revelation

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