Then… There Be Silence

Our world can be dark, but there is light. Our world can be chaotic, but there is peace. I have found that the light and peace are always there, and all we have to do is turn toward them and focus on them. Too many souls quit the search and refuse to turn away from the chaotic darkness. I wish it wasn’t so.

There Be Silence


Naked she arrives wailing

A soul somatic and helpless

A spirit merely passing through


Yearning at once to depart

The seamless darkness that is this earth

Ever seeking the light


Tethered against her wishes

Between heaven and hell

In this chaos called life


Enticed by valueless riches

Yet, giving in to none

Yearning for elusive peace


tunnel 3Rushing like a long black train

Screaming through a dark tunnel

Toward the light… at its end


And then… there be silence


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


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