Well, Blow Me Down!

Weather… or not? It’s been raining a LOT in east Texas this spring, but it’ll be hotter’n blue blazes afore we know it!

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Almost anywhere you live there is something challenging about the weather. Some places are brutally cold in winter, others are scorching hot in the summer, some are prone to flooding, and still others are constantly on the lookout for hurricanes when they’re in season. But tornado alley takes the prize. For the life of me, I don’t know why people live there, and I think a lot of folks in Oklahoma City will agree with me on that these days. The Texas panhandle is at the lower end of tornado alley. I was born there, but ain’t no way I’m going back.

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  1. coastalmom said

    I lived in Illinois and a tornado took out our back fence! Scary stuff! But I was only seven so it was also kind of an adventure. After literally being affected by an earthquake, I don’t look at natural disasters as anything but sad. Not adventures.

    • I’ve been involved in a few myself, and the last one left me quite stunned. I was at Sea Rim State Park just before Hurricane Ike hit. My crew and I were almost finished with a million dollar remodel/repair on the park building when the storm came in. We evacuated in plenty of time, but the entire park was completely destroyed–not a building left standing. The worst part was the surrounding towns; when I went back a week or so later the devastation to peoples homes and lives was beyond anything I’d ever seen.

      • coastalmom said

        Oh no. It is something no one can understand unless they’ve lived it our earthquake wiped out our shop & the whole block it was on and other areas of our town. But the street behind us was structurally fine. Just things falling off shelves. So strange & sad. I never don’t stop and pray for the people dealing with that kind of thing when I hear about it. Most people don’t have earthquake insurance. That is so sad about the remodel you were working on! When they were rebuilding our town, I almost felt like what if it happened all over again? But you can’t think like that.

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