Wanted: Trustworthy Mechanic

We’re in the process of downsizing, and one of the items we decided to shrink was my Rangerpickup. So, I put the word out to my car guy (SIL Sean) and BAM! The big Dodge is gone and a little Ford Ranger is in the driveway. The dude don’t mess around! The Ford is a 2011, and get this… it only has 15, 600 miles on it. I ain’t lyin!

This morning, I took it to have the oil changed and get the tires rotated and balanced. The tires are the factory originals that came on the truck when it was new, and I looked them over good when I…

bought it. They have a lot of tread and no sign of weathering.

Well, the guy at the shop gave me a little heads up, and informed me the state of Texas has a law that says tires over seven years old have to be replaced regardless of how much tread is on them. “Never heard of that,” I told him. He assured me it was fact, and I should plan on replacing the tires soon, as they would be over the age limit in a few months.

Naturally, I did some research when I got home, and there is no such law. Now, there are recommendations (mostly from tire manufacturers) that tires should be replaced after a certain number of years. The number of years varies from six to ten, depending on which company article, or “expert study”, you read.

If the guy had told me it was recommended tires be replaced after seven years, I could’ve accepted that, but when he tried to “scare” me by playing the “It’s the law” card, I can’t play that game.

So… can anybody out there recommend an honest mechanic/tire shop in the Longview area?



  1. Ken Mashburn said

    LOL you didn’t tell him you ain’t scared a nothin?

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