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A Still Small Voice



When our focus is on God, and we seek Him and love Him, He is faithful to guide us. Some call it our conscience, but I believe it’s the still small voice of God that warns us when we veer from the path.

As we move through life on this earth, we are taunted and teased at every turn, and like Eve in the garden, the serpents invite us to “just have a nibble”. What’s it going to hurt? Who’s going to know? Come on, just a little bite of this delicious sin.

At those times, God will walk behind us and guide us with His unconditional love, keeping us on the path to where He desires us to be: In His loving arms.

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Get it Together!

Ducks In A Row


Get your ducks in a row, the boss yelled

You best get your stuff in one sack

Get your act together, he screamed

Or tomorrow we won’t need you back


Well, I had no idea what he meant

So I started to pace and fret

I don’t own any ducks, I thought

My predicament caused me to sweat


Noon came around and away I flew

Drove fast to the nearest mall

Purchased a book of duck tricks

And a quite expensive duck call


Raced out of town to the lake

Used the duck call that cost twenty bucks

Was worth it, for out of the reeds

Came a waddling, six little ducks


I’m quacking up, I thought to myself

For there wasn’t another soul there

I got out the book of duck tricks

And a duck act I began to prepare


I tried everything in the trick book

But them ducks seemed none too bright

Then the answer came suddenly to me

Above my head shone a bulb of light


5_Little_Ducks_Logo__12339.1439298427.328.245Drove back to the office post haste

The monkey was near off my back

Told the boss, they’re not in a row, but

Would you settle for five ducks in a sack


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

Pictures borrowed from Google Images


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Fishing All Day

Dale Hansen2Some of us are getting to that age where the list of friends and loved ones that have passed on is growing longer much faster than we’d like. One of my pals on my list, Dale Hansen, has been on my mind lately. I ran into his sister at a recent high school reunion, then came across a post about him this morning. In 2011, he’d read one of my Daily Encouragements and commented the following:

i believe in the big guy as much or more than most ! But where is heaven , do we get to see our mothers fathers, etc. u know all the ones that already have left us ???? Is the next world on a different planet ? What are the memories of the world we r on now after wee have passed on ???? Wow pretty heavy stuff hu ???


My reply was lengthy, and if you want, you can read the rest of it by clicking here à Where is Heaven? Unfortunately, I lost the picture of Dale with the big fish, but my reply to him can be summed up by the last few lines, which were as follows:

Here’s somethin’: Heaven–I think–is gonna be a lot like catchin’ that big fish you sent me a picture of. There might not be any actual fishin’ goin on up there, (then again, there might) but every minute of every day you’re gonna feel like you did when you caught that big ol’ bass!

Later, my man!



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The Good Times

good times quote

Too often, when times are good, we don’t give God a thought. We forget He not only helps us through the hard times, but He provides us with all the good in our lives as well. Whatever your circumstance, be joyful, hopeful, patient and faithful!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

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Thanking Him

A good day after Thanksgiving message. Happy days, everyone!

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

wws gc 13 - quoteHope is defined as: to desire with expectation of fulfillment. If our hope is to spend eternity with God, and He has promised this to us, we can expect our hope to be fulfilled.

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Better Than A Thousand Days

My pizza crew!This is the picture of my boys that I carry in my heart.

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

My pizza crew! One day with my sons is better than a thousand days anywhere else.

I have pictures of my sons when they were youngsters, taken at the pizza place I managed for awhile.

They’re wearing the funny hats shirts, and aprons I had to wear to work, and grinning ear-to-ear, quite obviously thrilled to be at work with Dad.

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The Sound Of Music

Joy… can you define it? Do you have it?
Me… I struggle with the concept of it.
Am I the only one?

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

pd13  quoteWhen God becomes the focal point of our lives, the world will become a different place, and the hills will literally be alive with the sound of music, as all creation claps its hands and shouts for joy.

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