The Same Thing… Only Different

Sherry is sitting in her chair, drinking coffee and reading her book. It’s 6:13 A.M., almost the exact same time it was 30 days ago. On that day, however, things were not to remain the same, and the events of that morning not so long ago, yet it seems a lifetime, changed everything, and I often wonder if life will ever be the same again. If you haven’t already, you can read a detailed description of what happened on January 2, 2019 in my blog post entitled, “The World Stopped Turning”. (<– click on the title to read the post.)

To date, Sherry’s recovery from what they diagnosed as a hemorrhagic stroke, which lead to emergency brain surgery, seems nothing short of miraculous to me. She has only minor motor skill issues with her left hand, and other than being tired, and weak, she’s experiencing very few problems. She gets around the house without using a walker they sent home with her from rehab and can shower and handle other necessary things on her own. This, after only 14 days in a medical rehabilitation facility.

She began at-home rehab this week, and the therapists and medical personnel are impressed with her rapid recovery. Their optimism regarding her recovery varies only in how long it will take for her to be at 100%. But… are any of us, speaking of the over 65 crowd, ever consistently at 100%? I tink not!

And so, we move forward, taking the professional optimism with a grain of salt but relying on God’s healing powers, fueled by the powerful prayers of more friends than can possibly be named. Things are indeed different now, and they might remain so for quite some time. But at some point, we believe and hope you believe with us, Sherry will not only be as good as she was before, but better. (I know, I know… how can she be better than the wonderful person we all love?)

sunset (2) quote

“It can’t always be glorious, it can’t always be spring,” Those are the finishing lines of my poem, “The Sun Came Up Again”. The poem is about love, and yes, love can be trying, at least to us mere mortals it can, but if it’s true, as God love is true, it is always there. Thank you for being there.

(click on the title to read the poem)


  1. Susan Narvaiz said

    Praise God for what He is already going to heal Sherry! Mike and I are believing with you and Sherry for total recovery. You both remain in our prayers and in our hearts.

  2. Don King said

    Thanks for these two blog pieces, Charlie. Good to read your account in your clear, well-written prose.

  3. Diana said

    I have a new normal after cancer. I think it’s true you can’t totally go back … as a person is changed after such an event…. As life is even more priceless… I have become more thankful… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • I agree, Diana. Things like cancer and traumatic events change us–sometimes in an instant–and our lives will sometimes be altered forever. But I also believe the new normal can be an even better normal than the previous one. An example being your words, “I have become more thankful.” Sometimes the calamities of life bring us to a fuller appreciation of it, and we are able to focus on our blessings. I’ve also learned that when we are on the outside watching our loved ones go through these things, we too are changed. We learn to appreciate the blessings of the friends and family we’ve been given to share our lives with, and we see them as the precious and valuable gifts they are.

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