Open Letter to the Lobos

Lobos practiceThis Lobo fan came to Longview three years ago to watch his grandson play football. He got more than he could’ve ever imagined. He got to watch a high school football team play the game the way it’s meant to be played; with passion, intensity and pride. This has been one of the best times of my life but this chapter is over, and now we all must move forward.

God willing, I’ll be in the stands next fall, but to our Lobo seniors, I want to say this: When you suffer defeat it’s okay to hang your head, but only for a moment, and just long enough to thank God for giving you the opportunity to play this awesome game in a special place at a very special time. You and your younger teammates made history. You broke records and set some that will likely never be eclipsed. Yes, it’s okay if it hurts to lose, but don’t take that hurt with you as you move on to the next stage of your life. Hold your head high and go forward with the ferocity and determination with which you played Lobo Football. Yes, you lost the last game—the last one some of you will ever play—and it hurt. But if it doesn’t hurt to lose—especially after winning 27 times in a row—you had no business playing this wonderful game. You’re champions! You will always be champions!

Thank you for the memories.

May God bless you.

A Grateful Fan


  1. June said

    Very well spoken!!! GO LOBOS!!!!!

  2. Jan said

    Wonderful words💚💚💚

  3. Lobo1977 said

    Thank you again John King for taking a bunch of nobodies and making somebodies out of them. The winning spirit you have brought here is unprecedented. Many thanks to you.

    • I agree 100%! When it looks like we got nothin’, somebody steps up. That’s great coaching!

  4. Joy Sheffield Sullivan Graduate 1978 said

    Beautiful! There is only one Team that is the
    Best and that is THE LONGVIEW LOBOS!!!!!!!!!

    • YES! They are truly amazing! The players, the coaches, the parents, the fans, the band, the cheerleaders, the drill team, even the ball boys! I’ve never been so close to something this big and wonderful!

  5. This has been the most wonderful season with such a personal touch added because records have been made in Lobo history. I have enjoyed every aspect of Friday Night Lights watching each group supporting the other wholeheartedly. That’s the key to greatness.
    Hold your heads high as you have had a great season of victory and teamwork with records being made. You are indeed Champions! .
    As I sat in the stands at Kincaid Stadium empathizing for our team as you were obviously feeling overwhelmed and disappointed, I couldn’t help but to watch the flag bearers, the Big Green Band,
    the cheerleaders, the Viewettes and your fellow teammates collectively pulling for you as fellow students supporting each other should. .Having sat in the stands all season ,and many before this one since I was a child, I have watched the fans applaud with expectation and pride, but I couldn’t help but to notice the stands becoming emptier though as the scores mounted and victory was assured as the majority exited the stands to avoid the crowds en route to their vehicles. This concerned me. I’m in my 70’s! The game was not over!
    Being a former student, parent, and grandparent, as well as a former teacher, and long time Lobo myself having watched my dad, a former Lobo football player from the mid ’30’s era, supporting the team eagerly until he reached his final years in his mid 80’s, I realized,by example, that full support for the team is necessary to the very end…
    . whatever the score.
    As I noted in those final seconds in Dallas, the stands were full, and fans were standing to their feet and cheering whole. heartedly….. actually supporting you all as if there was a feeling of empathy and a need extra support for their beloved team until the clock ran out and the school song was played. That’s how every game should be.
    I hope that that the former complacency ended that last second and that the fans realize how much it means to the team to feel the support whatever the score.
    . My hope is that the same support that was shown to the very end of that heartbreaking game was a lesson learned that our team needs to know that they are valued whatever the outcome.
    You are all winners and are respected and appreciated for the countless hours that were spent in the extreme heat and until dark many days preparing for that Friday Night Live experience we fans enjoy..
    it was a quiet trip home aboard the band buses as the students cried silent tears for their fellow students and friends. They cheered and played the entire game to the final school song.
    It was an overall fantastic year. You gave your best as did every student in Lobo Nation who combined efforts to make lasting memories together.
    Thank you! God bless each of you. Happy Thanksgiving. Go, Lobos!

    • Well said, Carolyn. I tried to leave at the end, but couldn’t do it. I paced behind the lower deck until I came to the band. I listened as their leader kept shouting out which song to play. My heart was breaking for our boys, their coaches, parents and fans. But as the last seconds ticked away and the band continued to play, I came to terms with the fact that we’d come to the end of one of the most beautiful times any of us will ever experience. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. Diane Venson #88 proud grandma said

    I love this thanks for encouraging our young men because you are so right they played some ball

    • Yes, ma’am, they sure did! I’ll never forget this group of young men. Might even have to write a book about them. Think I’d call it “Our Boys, Our Lobos!”

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