Found Money

I push aside worn shirts looking for my suit. I hate going to these “parties”, but not as much as I hate wearing a suit and tie. I’ll get over it—always do—but the thing is… well, as usual, we’re so broke we can’t pay attention.

The car’s got less than a quarter tank in it, and I got a buck or three to my name until payday. I couldn’t sleep last night, but her! She just gave my shoulder a pat, then slipped right off to dreamland. Then, as I was finally drifting off to sleep, I heard Mom’s voice; “Don’t worry, Charlie. God will provide.” I groaned and answered out loud, “Sure, Mom. Is He gonna leave a twenty under my pillow?”

serendipityThen! Tonight, we’re getting ready and when I shove my wallet into the inside pocket of my suit jacket I feel something. “No way,” I whisper. But yes way! I pull the wallet out, reach back in, and stare at a folded twenty-dollar bill.

She’s in front of the mirror, checking her hair—again—and I grin at her.

“What?” she says, returning the grin.

I give her a playful pat—not on the shoulder—and say, “You look gorgeous. But come on, we have to stop for gas.”

Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


  1. This has happened to me more times than I can count.
    I live on a modest income mainly because I’ve been self-employed for 42 years and charge people according to their ability to pay.
    Last winter, I took my day care friend to a local parking lot to walk my 2 dogs. It was a Saturday. I take her on Saturdays in the winter as an extra help for her parents.
    We could smell the fried foods from the Chinese restaurant and I told her I wished we could buy Chinese but I was short. As we walked around the snowbanks, I asked her to keep her eyes open for money that may have been plowed or blown around the edges. Two steps later, I found a twenty dollar bill among a pile of leaves along a fence! We got Chinese that day and I thanked God for the treat.

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