Think About It

Just my humble opinion:

Imagine for a moment that this is how all future flu virus outbreaks will be handled. Will our lives be put on hold virtually every winter while we distance ourselves from others to “save lives”? How did this come to be? Who is the mastermind behind this decision? Thousands have died virtually every year from the flu, yet this is the first time we’ve been told to take drastic actions with the promise (there was a promise, right?) it would save millions of lives. Yes, “they” claim millions will die if we don’t follow their directions.

And when it’s over, you can bet everyone will have an opinion as to who was responsible for saving the lives of those who survive. And, as is the norm these days, those opinions will be divided by “party lines”. About half will bestow glory on Republican “leaders”, while the other half claims the credit should go to the Democrats. And then… what will happen next year?

a precedent (2)


Yes, the rules have been suddenly changed and the future, not to mention the present, has been altered drastically. So… what do we do now? What can we do? Not a thing. We’ve already done it.


  1. Definitely, a worthy ponder and reference.
    My current speculation surrounds the precedent busting going on. Loosening regulations in favor of efficiency… taking a good look at the reasons for border security… giving those, who have been brain washed in favor of socialism, a front row seat to free market flexibility and innovation… and taking just about all of our comforts for granted has been a precedent since the 1970s. It’s great that that has been challenged. If the last precedent can be reset, I’m not much worried about busting up future ones when need be.

    • One point we definitely agree on is the comforts being taken for granted. I have said many times in writings, “The thing most people fear most, is the loss of their comforts and conveniences.”

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