The Easter Bunny?

He wasn’t a stray. I figured he’d just found a way out of the yard and thought he’d soak up some freedom. When he saw me, he joined me on my walk, doing an excited trot beside me, then running ahead, smelling every bush and tree. Then he cut up a driveway and grey bunnydisappeared but only for a few seconds. A fat grey rabbit came shuffle running around the house and into the street, almost running into my leg. And, as it passed it looked up at me with big eyes that begged, “a little help here.” Another pet out of its cage, I figured. The dog gave chase, but quite obviously had no sense of why. Just instinct. The rabbit went ‘round the house, and a squirrel came flying from the same direction past the dog. The dog probably confused by the size change in his prey, stopped, cocked his head, then appearing to laugh, chased the squirrel that vanished quickly up a tree. I started walking again and the dog bounded on ahead, a happiness in its step that said, this freedom thing is the best! He went around a corner and that was the last I saw of him. I figured he’d find his way home when he got hungry. As I walked on, I thought about how happy he’d been, roaming and exploring and being free, and I smiled thinking, he was right; this thing called freedom is indeed a wonderful thing.


  1. This is awesome…love your writing style.

    • Thank you very much!

      • Here is tracking # for your light

      • Okay! Thank you very much!

      • You’re very welcome. Thank you for permission to use it. I hope you enjoy the light

      • Did you get your light yet?

      • We did! It’s beautiful and we love it! I intend to place a post on FB today or tomorrow, showing it off and attaching a link to it on Etsy, if that’s okay with you? In any case, thank you very much!

      • Yes, that is perfectly fine. Glad you like it. Again, thank you for allowing me to use it

      • Before I put the post on FB, do you design and do the engraving by hand yourself?

      • I design on the computer and use a machine to engrave

      • That’s awesome. Great job on this. I’m hoping some of my friends will buy one. Blessings!

      • Thank you. The penny has 1998, the date you wrote it, but it is too small to see.

      • I just seen your post on Facebook, I liked it, but couldn’t comment. Thank you for the kind words and posting

      • I don’t know why you couldn’t comment. I’ll check on that.

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