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We Made A Big Splash!

This little story fits nicely with the “10% Chance of Rain” post I had on the blog earlier today. It’s about rain and golf, two things that do not mix well.

Sherry normally did not ride along with me when I played golf out at Spicewood Beach. It was pretty much a guy thing, it was hot outside, and she was content to stay in the air conditioned house most days. For whatever reason, she decided to accompany me one hot summer afternoon. I don’t recall the forecast for that particular day, but it decided to rain. Read the rest of this entry »

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A 10% Chance of Rain? What-Ever!

I love weather forecasters; their chance of being correct on most of their forecasts is about as good as the chance it’s going to rain today in central Texas; about 30%. They can be right a lot of the time, but only when they say it’s going to be hot and humid. You can pretty much count on them being right 95% of the time on that one—at least in this neck of the woods. Read the rest of this entry »

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