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There Are Angels

Mom's cloud - Angels poemThere were angels with my mom yesterday. Celebrating her birthday. Some of them I’ve never seen before, and some I’ve known for many years. There was a special new angel among them, one I recently met. I repost this poem for all the angels that watch over my mom, but especially for Lorena.

I have heard them

Sometimes in a word—just one

Sometimes in a conversation—a long one


I have seen them

Sometimes for a moment—a smile

For a short season—or many years


Sometimes from a distance

With only a picture

Or with words on a screen

They have touched me


Always there

Always watching

Sometimes carrying me

Sometimes simply being there


And sometimes…

Oh, yes…


I have felt them…

Seen them…

In the eyes of a mere mortal

As my soul was soothed

By kind eyes


Copyright © C Mashburn 2019



Copyright © C Mashburn 2019

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A Pretty Sweet Deal

When my book of daily encouragements, Be Still, came out, my publisher encouraged a sweet deal 2me to do the whole advertising, book signings, etc., thing, and I did so with great expectations. Visions of grandeur danced in my head, as I bounced merrily on the springboard of what I perceived to be success, fame and fortune. Read the rest of this entry »

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Until Death Do Us Part?

Do they even say that anymore? It seems marriage is no longer considered a forever thing. In fact, in many instances, it seems isn’t even considered necessary (unless, of course, it affects your health insurance). Read the rest of this entry »

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Without Her Prayers…

I consider myself fortunate to have had the benefit of being raised by,

If not for her, and her constant prayer...

If not for her, and her constant prayer…

and living my life around, good people.

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But, What If…

Change is something we have been conditioned to fear. Especially, when it comes to God and allowing Him to influence our lives. Many times, we’re afraid change will mean becoming a different person. Not true. In fact, I think it rather naïve of us to believe we will somehow magically, and instantly, become an awesomely good person the moment we turn our lives over to God. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meek Does Not Mean Weak

I certainly cannot judge anyone. I sowed much trouble in my life, and  caused a lot of pain, but I’m in the process of re-plowing the ground. 

Making hay while the sun shines!

Making hay while the sun shines!


I hope to grow good things and share them with all who are interested. And, I’m looking forward to a bountiful harvest! Read the rest of this entry »

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If It Acts Like A Duck…

The leaders God intends for us to follow are His leaders, not the self-appointed or “elected” leaders of worldly realms. Read the rest of this entry »

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