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White Noise

scenery 14 quoteI’ve noticed when it comes to politics there are basically two types of people; those who get involved and try to encourage others to get involved, and those who are being encouraged to get involved and want nothing to do with politics. Both groups will occasionally drift toward the other group, and some from each group will jump from one to the other, then, return to their former group. Me, I’ve been the virtual ping pong ball, frequently going from one side of the proverbial table to the other and, to be honest with you, I’m physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. Read the rest of this entry »

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He was an angry, hate-filled man, who could at times be the complete opposite. Unfortunately, the angry side was the dominant one, and when he died—alone and still mad at the world—few wept.

And then there’s me—the guy who professes to be afraid of nothing, yet fears he is too much like the man who raised me–not my father, but whose name I carry. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Should

I know people who live with anger, hate, and bitterness so entrenched in their mind and heart they cannot see good in anything. Their life is one of misery, devoid of joy and peace. It pains me to see them so, because I know what it’s like; I’ve been there. But there’s nothing I can do for them; one has to cast off his own demons. It’s a personal thing. Read the rest of this entry »

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