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Daydream Believer

It was almost lunchtime in Denver, so it was after noon in New York; I never could get it straight what the time difference was from one place to another. I wondered if it was like ten minutes later on the other side of town, then wondered who thought up stuff like time zones. How come it wasn’t just the same time everywhere?

The sun was warm on my back, and I was standing on the sidewalk watching the Yankees and Red Socks play baseball some 2000 miles away on a small black and white TV. I couldn’t hear the announcers; either the sound was turned down, or the hardware store’s plate glass window was too thick. I figured it was just as well though. I’d heard Dad telling Mom that they might fire Dizzy Dean for using bad grammar; something about kids like me hearing him say words wrong and copying him. Whatever.

moose skowronI was about to turn away from the TV when something strange happened; Yastrzemski Popped one straight up about halfway down the first base line. Moose Skowron and Yogi Berra were about to collide, both trying to make the play, when a woman ran past them heading toward first base. She didn’t have any clothes on.

Yaz stopped halfway to first–just past Yogi and Moose–and stood dumbfounded as she ran by him. Moose walked over to Yaz and said something, then they both appeared to laugh. Yogi was in hot pursuit of the naked lady. Me… I was wondering why the woman wasn’t wearing clothes. The ball had bunced off Yogi’s mitt and landed in fair play, so while everyone else was watching Yogi chase the naked lady, Yaz grinned and trotted to first.

Right about then, a commotion down the sidewalk to my right caused me to turn in that direction, and I watched as Saturday morning shoppers parted on the sidewalk, some of them shouting, others laughing and even some whistling. My eyes about came out of my head when the woman came through the parted crowd. She was naked as a jaybird, grinning like a tomcat, and gorgeous! Of course, to a thirteen-year-old boy, any naked woman is gorgeous.

As she got closer to me, she pointed at me then waved. I was so focused on other things, I barely saw her hand move, but when I did, I raised my hand to return the wave. I nearly got whiplash when she grabbed my wrist and pulled me along behind her, continuing down the crowded sidewalk, dragging me along with her. The shouts, whistles and laughter got louder, and then began to fade until the world around us was silent. Then… suddenly… she was gone.

From down the hall, Mom yelled, “Jimmy! Lunch is ready!”


I rolled off my bed, and as I walked toward the hallway, I reached to turn off the TV. My hand froze halfway to the knob when the announcer shouted, “Yaz pops one up down the first base line!”

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Lasting Words

Sometimes—too many times—we say things we don’t mean, or say things we do mean, but say them in a very wrong way. We use words like weapons, and often times think nothing of the damage we’ve done. The saying is: “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.” Too bad it never caught on. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stay Tuned

When I was a kid, I used to love to watch baseball games on Saturday. Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese were a fun part of the show. Not as many cameras back then, so Pee Wee would tell us what happened, and Dizzy would make a joke about it, or say how we should use Burma Shave when we got old enough. They took Dizzy off the air because he used bad grammar and some teacher said he might teach kids the wrong way to talk. He’d fit right in today. I don’t watch baseball too much anymore, but tune in to a football game now and then. I’ve gotten to where I sometimes turn off the sound, so I can enjoy the game without all the “facts”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Panhandle Wind

Funny how things work out; I wrote a rough draft of this poem a couple days ago, while commenting on a fellow Texas poet’s poem. Then, here she is, Ms. Gay Reiser Cannon, hosting dVerse Poets Pub’s FormForAll, and daring us to do some “Triversen”, or some such. Mine probably fits the some such category, but I think y’all will enjoy it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gettin’ His Digs In

My old high school pal and teammate, Gary Williams, loves to read these stories then get his digs in at me. I don’t mind, because in many of them, I expose myself to ridicule and “digs”. I’ve got nothing to hide—well, that ain’t quite true—so, I’ll lay most of it out there for the world to see. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Game Forgot

It’s springtime and kids are out playing baseball. Takes me back to the vacant lots in our neighborhood long ago. Those days were definitely the “good ol’ days”. I’ll bet ya Mike Metheney remembers them. Anyone else? Read the rest of this entry »

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