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The Tow-Head Gang

tow-head gang

A rare photo of the little known Tow-Head Gang in the early years. The gang was last seen looking out the back window of a red and white ’57 Ford Fairlane, as it sped west on a rural Texas Panhandle road. Rumor has it they settled in Buckeye, Arizona where they lived a quiet–though somewhat tumultuous–life before dispersing sometime in the late ’60s. You can read more about them in the book, “Just A Boy”, written by the surly, yet loveable, leader of the group, Charles. He’s the bad-looking hombre on the right.

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Working With James Caan

At the same Gulf station I talk about in my story about Blue Chip stamps—Don’t Do That!—I had another interesting experience. Buckeye, Arizona was a farming and ranching community, so there were a lot of cowboys in the little desert community.

One of those cowboys was Tom Cox. He was several years older than me, but he liked to stop by the station and chat with me while I worked. On one of his visits, he sauntered in while I was fixing a flat tire. He had somebody with him, but I didn’t recognize the guy until he got up close. I couldn’t recall his name, but I knew he’d been in the movie, El Dorado, with John Wayne a couple of years earlier.

After Tom introduced me to his pal, James Caan, the three of us shot the breeze for a few minutes. Turns out Caan and Tom were calf-roping buddies, and got together to team rope quite often—still do, so I’ve heard.

They didn’t stay long, and I never saw James Caan in person again, but I’ve been a big fan ever since. How can you not be a fan after you’ve shook hands with the guy and talked about calf roping in a Gulf station garage bay?

Jame CaanAt one point during the conversation I was struggling to get the tire onto the rim, and James Caan stepped up and pushed down on one side of the tire. As the machine spun the tire onto the wheel I grinned and thanked him, and he did that James Caan head-tilt and gave me one of his already patented grins in return.

So, I like to tell people me and James Caan worked together at a gas station back in the day. Well… we did, didn’t we?


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Tanked In Texas

In a story yesterday, “Dan Was Here!”, I showed a picture of tiny Peach Creek just south of College Station, Texas. A bit further down from where the creek runs under Highway 6, the creek feeds into what’s known in Texas (other places too, I’m sure) as a “tank”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dan Was Here!

As I was walking this morning, I came to the bridge that spans Peach Creek, and I decided I’d take a couple of photos and share them and this story with you. I’m thinking my old pal, Dan Findley, might have spent some time in Texas.

Peach Creek Bridge - Hwy 6, south of College Station, TX

Peach Creek Bridge – Hwy 6, south of College Station, TX

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Blue Chip Stamps

In one of my stories about my younger days, Shootin the Breeze With Jimmy, I talk about meeting a famous actor while working at the Gulf gas station in Buckeye, Arizona. While we were visiting my old hometown last year, I noticed the Gulf station was no longer there—actually, a lot of things had changed. Time marches on, I reckon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bull Riding Fools!

Yep, yep, yep, rode me a few back in the day. Can you say LOL! Not this guy! I like to talk about how I ain’t afraid of much of nothing, but getting on the back of an angry two ton beast is not what I call brave. I call it asking for big trouble. I’ve done some crazy stuff, but riding a bull is not one of them. I might try one of those in a bar, where there’s a padded floor to land on…. maybe. Read the rest of this entry »

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Not So Quick On The Draw!

In another story, Quick Draw, I told how Flay Randolph had a holster mounted to the side of his pickup seat, and had mastered the quick draw with it. He scared the heck out of me one time when a coyote walked out onto the road ahead of us. Flay was out of the pickup and firing at the coyote before I had time to register it was there. Read the rest of this entry »

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