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Rebel Without A Cause

If you need something done—or, better yet, don’t think it can be done—just tell me I can’t do it. Oh yes, I’m a bit rebellious—maybe stubborn is a better word—and if I’m told I can’t do something, you best stand aside. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s All Good!

cooper-in-the-mudMost of the time I’m upbeat and positive about life, but, now and then, something knocks me on my butt, and I find myself sitting in a mud hole (better than being face down in it), blinking and feeling dazed. At times like those, the power of the positive is scattered all around me, and I begin to think I’m only one misstep away from complete and utter failure.

Speaking of failure, let’s talk about dieting. First question: Who decided what a calorie is? I looked it up, and as you might expect there’s more than one way to count calories, and what’s on the package is merely a guess, based on a scientific theory. I say eat what you want, but don’t over eat, AND, exercise as much as you can, then exercise some more. However! I’m told that “theory” only works for men. Lesson learned: Men should not talk to women about dieting! Oh, you can try, but you better wear one of those “winning smiles” while you do. (I’m not at all sure what a winning smile looks like, but I’m pretty darn sure I don’t own one.)

Ah, but isn’t life grand—it must be, ‘cause they named a biscuit after it! Some say, “It’s all good,” but that can’t be true. Good couldn’t exist without bad to compare it to. Another lesson I’ve learned: One small mistake can erase a whole sack-full of good. I hate it when that happens. (See the section above re: talking to women about dieting.)

Speaking of sacks; the world seems to have gone crazy. The bully ate our lunch, popped the sack, and now he’s dragging us toward that darn mud hole again.

And yet… most of the time… I’m at peace with myself and the world—in spite of the condition of both. It IS all good!

It’s all good!

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Nine Months Ago…

…  I conceived Read the rest of this entry »

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Too Much Skin in the Game

I used smokeless tobacco for many years, and probably quit and started again fifteen times before finally putting it down for good. I’ve battled my weight most of my life too, but I think I’ve finally won the battle of the bulge. An unforeseen side effect has reared its ugly head, however; I’ve got too much skin in the game! Read the rest of this entry »

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