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It Was Hot… ah’ight?

Okay, it was one a them comedy of errors y’all hear so much about. It all started when I left my good hat in College Station Wednesday. I have other hats, but they don’t fit as good, and that can lead to instances such as the one I’m about to impart.

It was a hunert degrees here today, but that was NOT gonna keep yours-truly off the golf course. I put on one a my spare hats, and off I went. Well, as luck would have it–adding to the COE I mentioned above, I had gotten a haircut Tuesday, and as I began to sweat, and my hair–what’s left of it–got wet, the hat kept sliding down. It was irritating, mainly because it kept pushing my ears down, and I looked like a really old Alfred E. Neuman. Anyone who knows me, knows I need no assistance in that department.

Looks purty good, eh?

Looks purty good, eh?

So… I had this bright idea to tuck my ears under my hat, thus solving two problems at once; no protruding ears, and the hat fit better. The thing is, my ears did not want to be tucked under my hat, and that’s where the trouble started.

I pulled up to the number sixteen tee box, and got all set up to hit my drive. As luck would have it, my left ear decided to break free just as I started my downswing. That threw me off balance, I missed the dang ball completely, and fell flat on my butt. The only good thing about the situation, is there are no houses near the number sixteen tee box, and nobody else was crazy enough to be out playing golf today. So… nobody saw me.


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