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Love Is All We Need

minion guitarSongs have always moved me; some in a positive way, others just the opposite. Lines from songs have struck me as genius, some as profound, and some as simple truth. Interestingly, it took years for the truth of those lines to truly mean anything to me, and I too often wish I’d seen the wisdom in the words before I reached this age of… maturity. Yes, I admit, I wish I’d known then what I know now. I should have listened to the music.

Now… where I began is far behind me. I can’t even remember some of the roads I traveled, and I wonder how life might’ve been if I’d lived it all without fear.

We all do it. We scratch and claw our way to what we’re told is success, which translates to security, and then cling to it as if it can keep us safe from all harm, only to realize the light we obeyed for most of our years was the one in the middle; the yellow one. Oh sure, we often ignored and sped through it, telling ourselves if we stopped the guy behind us my plow into us. And so, we lived, caution being another word for fear. Green being just as frightening, and the red one to be avoided at all cost, because slowing down was bad enough, but stopping meant you’d given up, allowing something, someone, to take control.

But… what if we’d lived like we were dying? Would the knowledge our time was limited have caused us to throw caution to the wind? Would yellow have been meaningless, and red nothing more than a dare? How fast and how far would we have gone? Maybe not far. But we would have lived like there was no tomorrow. Or… like there was, and it counted. Counted, because it would give us more time to love, which, I’ve realized, perhaps too late, is what living is all about. Love is indeed, all we need.

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No Place Was Home

I discovered too late—it seems only moments ago—that there is a troubling downside to the wandering life I’ve led, where no place was truly home. A life that—in the end—leaves one feeling very much alone and truly homeless. For a tree cannot grow strong branches—branches being the friendships we develop in our lives—when it is constantly removing and leaving them behind. A tree, in fact, cannot be strong when it is constantly uprooted and asked to grow and flourish in a new place. Limbs die, and though they are replaced with new growth, the new ones seem never to be strong, easily broken, and in truth, receive not enough nurturing or care to ever survive. Which is of no consequence when the tree is surely to be moved again. Even the roots—the things that are family—grow weak from the constant transplanting. And so… the oft-moved tree is destined to be alone, supported and kept alive by the tap-root, which is self, and is enough to nourish existence, but in the end merely allows survival, not fruitful life.

neighbor's tree (2) quote

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Fishing All Day

Dale Hansen2Some of us are getting to that age where the list of friends and loved ones that have passed on is growing longer much faster than we’d like. One of my pals on my list, Dale Hansen, has been on my mind lately. I ran into his sister at a recent high school reunion, then came across a post about him this morning. In 2011, he’d read one of my Daily Encouragements and commented the following:

i believe in the big guy as much or more than most ! But where is heaven , do we get to see our mothers fathers, etc. u know all the ones that already have left us ???? Is the next world on a different planet ? What are the memories of the world we r on now after wee have passed on ???? Wow pretty heavy stuff hu ???


My reply was lengthy, and if you want, you can read the rest of it by clicking here à Where is Heaven? Unfortunately, I lost the picture of Dale with the big fish, but my reply to him can be summed up by the last few lines, which were as follows:

Here’s somethin’: Heaven–I think–is gonna be a lot like catchin’ that big fish you sent me a picture of. There might not be any actual fishin’ goin on up there, (then again, there might) but every minute of every day you’re gonna feel like you did when you caught that big ol’ bass!

Later, my man!



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Little Brothers and Others

brothers quote

That’s why I like the Internet. It has brought many of us closer, and though things still aren’t the same as they were back in the good ol’ days, it beats the way it was before the Internet came along.

It’s also true with friends—some I’ve yet to meet in person. The Internet has caused my family to not only grow closer, but to grow larger, and I like it!

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I Thought I was Alone

A few days ago, I posted a poem about the many people I’ve left behind as I steamrolled through life. The following is about one of them; true story—sad, but true. The thing is, we grow up thinking we’re the only ones going through what we’re going through, when there are others going through the same things. And we never even know it… or do we. Read the rest of this entry »

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Let’s Face It

The world has changed a bit. Some things have changed for the good, and some for the not so good. It’s always been that way; a steady moving on kind of thing that occasionally slows, but never stops. You can’t stop progress, ya know. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Hug & A Howdy

The high school class reunion I attended this past weekend was wonderful far and above what I thought it could be. I saw many folks I hadn’t laid eyes on in 45 years, and in most cases had no idea who they were until they told me. I quickly developed the strategy of sidling over to someone I knew could identify everyone and asking who a person was before I approached them. Brilliant! Read the rest of this entry »

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He’s Gone!

Life seems to be a series of seasons, and we have to learn to roll with the good and the bad. Some seasons  are better than others, some are really bad, and others are outstanding. Throughout our lives, there will be good times with friends, and there will be battles with enemies, and Read the rest of this entry »

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Get Used To It!

… or not.

It seems we too often get used to things and, even when they are beautiful or special to us in some way, we allow them to become just part of the scenery. Or, in our relationships—spouses, relatives, friends—we stop seeing what makes them special to us.

We should strive to never get used to the beauty and love with which God has blessed us.

Beautiful Reflections

Beautiful Reflections

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Things I Thought Were Mine

Just A Boy - CoverIt seems many of us–too many–grew up in a world most of our friends didn’t even knew existed… or so we thought. We sometimes kept it to ourselves, not wanting others to know, but then again, some of us just thought it was how life was. I’m not sure I thought either of those things, I just did the best I could to live in the world I was mine alone. I wrote a book about some of that life. If you haven’t read it, check it out. You might enjoy, Just A Boy. You might also find out that you, like me and my pal, were not alone in the world you knew, and the things you went through.

Things I Thought Were Mine

We weren’t best friends

But we were good friends

Me, the class clown… or was I

He, one of the amused audience


A practiced smiler, he was

Still carries it with him to this day

Though it isn’t as quick to arrive

Not as permanent, as it was back then


We did things together

Sports teams, parties, school

Avoided jail… or, did we

Watched a young man die


He never knew… or, did he

About the burdens I carried

The things behind my act

See the funny little clown


No one knew… or, did they

What I went home to

The terrors, the pain

The constant fear and dread


Some many years later

We shared a brief conversation

I told him about those things

Those dreaded Friday night lights


Things I thought were mine

Things I’d told no one… or did I

His eyes were moist, a solemn nod

As he said, “I know, man… me too”


I never knew… or… did I

Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

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