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Sometimes… the Prizes Are Real!

grin-big-ears (2)Maybe some will disagree, but in every life there are at least a few days that are treasure.

When we’re blue and life comes down on us—those times when everything is tawdry and gray, like a carnival on a rainy day—we can go back to the good days and remind ourselves life isn’t always a rigged game.

Sometimes, the prizes are real.

Sometimes, they’re precious.

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What a Beautiful Day

I try to look at the good stuff, not the bad. I sometimes write about the bad stuff though, because it’s part of life, and needs to be looked at. Seasons come and go, and there is something good in all of them. The same is true of our lives; there will be good times and bad, hot and cold, rain and sunshine. Read the rest of this entry »

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