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Many Years Later

boysMy new book, Just A Boy, will be coming out in a month or so, and I hope you’ll read it. It’s mostly about growing up in a small town during the 50s and 60s but it’s also about growing up in the dark shadow of an angry, confused man. The book is full of good stories, some of them funny, and some of them about me just being a kid, but I felt like the other stuff–the bad stuff–had to be touched on as well.

When I’m beginning a new book, my thoughts wander in a random and jumbled fashion (Don’t say it, Gary Williams) and then they start forming sentences, paragraphs, and pages. And usually, that’s when the book begins. While the first book was about a boy, the second will tell the tale of that boy becoming a man (Gary!). That said, this morning I woke with the following thought on my mind, and thought I’d share it with you. I’m quite sure the following paragraph will, in some form, appear in the second book:

I realized what had happened when I was a child was my dad made me fear him, which made me angry at him, which made me hate him, which caused me to become like him. And then, many years later, I realized all that had happened when I was a boy, then a boy becoming a man, had eventually helped make me a better me. I’m certainly not trying to say I’m a good man, mind you, but I will say this; I’m not afraid, I’m not angry, and I don’t hate.

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Feeling Kinda Sluggish

Most days I feel like a bee; racing around, humming and buzzing, doing good things, and leaving lots of honey for those who come behind me. 

But some days, I feel like I’m merely a slug that thinks it’s a bee, and what I’m actually doing is crawling through this life, leaving a trail of slime in my wake that just pisses people off.


Sang one, Sluggy!

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Things We Never Dreamed

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Beauty and Blessings

Beauty and Blessings

Beauty and Blessings

I was just sitting on the back deck, taking a break, when I noticed this scene. Sometimes, we can have something beautiful right in front of us, and we don’t see it. Now, in this case, there was a multitude of beautiful things to look at, but when this came into focus, it made me say, “Wow!” I’m always talking about focusing on the good stuff, but I have to admit it’s sometimes difficult to zero in on just one thing when we’re surrounded by beauty and blessings.

Have a great day!


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Sometimes… the Prizes Are Real!

grin-big-ears (2)Maybe some will disagree, but in every life there are at least a few days that are treasure.

When we’re blue and life comes down on us—those times when everything is tawdry and gray, like a carnival on a rainy day—we can go back to the good days and remind ourselves life isn’t always a rigged game.

Sometimes, the prizes are real.

Sometimes, they’re precious.

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I Bet They’ll Put Cows in There

We drove over to Houston to see the new grandson yesterday. I didn’t bump my head, didn’t see the guy, and don’t know if a phone was involved, but there was grass, she did swerve away from another car (woke me up), and a bunch of jumbled thoughts came into my head as we drove home. Then… they turned into a poem this morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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