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Saddle Up Boys!

We lived in a little community on Lake Travis for ten years, from 2000 to 2010. I had a lot of fun there, but looking back, I don’t know how me and the boys stayed out of jail. And so, I was not surprised when one afternoon I walked into the local convenience store and found the sign below tacked to the bulletin board.

Last Round of the Season


I used to run with some good ol’ boys; wasn’t that long ago wanted poster

You’d find us mostly on the golf course, not at the rodeo

Made up our rules as we went along; lied and cheated a bit

Golf balls sailed all over the place, but seldom was anyone hit


We were never accused of workin’ too much

We just golfed , fished, & grilled, threw horseshoes and such

We’d jump in the lake when it got too hot

Then finish the round in our water socks


Yep, I used to run with a mighty  strange crew

Jaybird & Dano just to mention a few

Then life took a turn and I had to be leavin’

I said saddle up boys, it’s the last round of the season


Copyright © 2016 C Mashburn

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