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Admitting Addiction ~ The First Step

In an earlier post, I mentioned I walk quite a bit for exercise. I try to walk at least two miles a day, and more if at all possible. My longest walk this spring is a five-miler, which I did at about a three MPH pace. I did a two-miler yesterday at a four MPH clip. The speed and distance vary based on my attitude, physical well being, weather, and other factors.

The activity has, however, led to an unexpected consequence, in that I’ve developed a bad habit in spite of my due diligence to avoid doing so. But, when the natural order of things and speed combine, some things are unavoidable. The habit I speak of has to do with bugs—pill bugs to be exact—which are so named due to their habit of curling up into a ball if they feel threatened.

It appears the critters are seasonal, and in early spring they can be quite abundant on the sidewalks where I do my walking—especially, it seems, in or near parks. I do my best not to step on them, because it’s likely they serve some greater purpose in the ecological balance of things, but the sheer number of them makes the avoiding of all of them almost impossible. When I do step on one, it makes a nasty little popping sound.

And so, it is with shame and sadness I confess to being a pill-popper. Don’t y’all fret none though, ya hear? I can beat this!

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