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A Hug & A Howdy

The high school class reunion I attended this past weekend was wonderful far and above what I thought it could be. I saw many folks I hadn’t laid eyes on in 45 years, and in most cases had no idea who they were until they told me. I quickly developed the strategy of sidling over to someone I knew could identify everyone and asking who a person was before I approached them. Brilliant! Read the rest of this entry »

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When In Rome, I reckon….

I went to nine schools in the first three grades, and as a result, I was terribly shy; constantly being the new kid, can take a toll on a young boy or girl. Finally, in June of 1960, we moved to Buckeye, Arizona, with the intent of staying put. My dad had worked the last three years as a lineman, building cross country high line distribution towers; as a result, we were constantly on the move. Then, he got a job as a lineman for Arizona Public Service, a local power company. Our moving days were done! Read the rest of this entry »

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