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My Special Angel

The Lord smiled down on me and sent an angel to love! That line from the 1957 hit song “My Special Angel” is so true. Sherry and I have been married for seventeen years today, and I thank God every day for sending her to me.

This little story I wrote last year illustrates the simple awesomeness of a love that is more than I could have ever imagined could be mine. I love you, Sherry!

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My Very Own Angel

I always get irritated when stores start putting out Christmas decorations in October. I just don’t care for the commercialization of Christmas—all holidays, for that matter. It seems it’s all about money and profits these days, and we often lose sight of what we are celebrating.

Well, here I am jumping the gun and posting a Christmas story in October! It’s Bluebell Books’ fault! Their story prompt hit me this way, and I had no control over what came rushing out onto the page. Sorry!

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