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A Lemon Bar Sunset

Marney had been prattling on for what seemed like hours, and I was only half listening, until she said something that caused me to rise up on one elbow and stare at her. One of my eyes was closed—squinting into the sun—causing her to appear as though she were surrounded by a hazy halo; behind her, the trees of Elkin’s woods framed the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Thousand Candles

I read a lot of poetry, some of it extremely good, and some of it just kind of good. None of it is bad, because poetry is like the beauty of one’s lover, in that the beauty will not be seen by all who gaze upon her or him. Poetry—all poetry—is beautiful to someone.

Most poetry, it seems to me, is about love in one way or another; the gaining of it, the experiencing it, and sadly the losing of it. The latter could be compared to country music, I suppose, but then if you change a few words here and there, every poem is a country song just waiting to be sung.

I believe I’m rambling… does it seem like I’m rambling? Why… yes… yes it does.

Enjoy the poem! Read the rest of this entry »

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Well… How’d Ya like it?

Looks like a lot of you read the three part story A Soft Knocking. Let me know if this format is something you enjoyed, or if you’d rather I didn’t tease you like that. My purpose here is to entertain; make you laugh, smile, and yes, sometimes maybe shed a tear or two. Or, perhaps, simply to cause you to contemplate, like this poem might tend to do… Read the rest of this entry »

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A Soft Knocking (part 3)

My hands upon the smooth worn timber that lay across the door, resting in forged brackets on either side, my breathing had almost stopped. I knew should I lift the bolt from its place it might never stay there again. A soft knocking… Read the rest of this entry »

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A Soft Knocking (part 2)

The driver stared forward. The horse looked with wild eyes over its shoulder and snorted steam from wide nostrils. The cob was white, perhaps gray; looking an ugly shade of faded yellow in the damp, dull light of the morning, and it had a spotting of black on its rump. It seemed too small to be pulling the carriage in its tow…. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Soft Knocking

I’m going to try my hand at the three Ts today. Fridays are always slow on the ‘net, so thought I’d try to maximize my returns. The three Ts? Why; Teasing, Tempting and Tantalizing! What were YOU thinking?? Read the rest of this entry »

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Another Night’s Dream

This poem speaks of love lost, and the lonely, tormented mind it can leave in it’s wake…

Another Night’s Dream

 Unfamiliar places….

Another night’s dream

Fluttering moth in dusty light

Soft, warm kisses…. Lips unseen

Narrow road leads into dark night

Shadows bend and lean across

Mailbox, tree and night bird

Traveler wandering, soul is lost

Candle flickers in open window

Curtain shies from prying wind

Footsteps running, unwanted touch

Pray for morning, darkness end

Smell of incense, haunted laughter

Love’s soft fabric gently torn

Pages flutter, place is lost

Words unspoken, end is born

Drifting, drifting…. Alone we cry

Silence fills the night

Sea of teardrops, vessel empty

Foolish pride has won the fight

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

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