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Life is Hard… then… You Die

And then they die

Yes, life is hard for many, and it often seems some lives have no value or meaning. But, I believe that in some way—maybe in many small unnoticed ways—each and every person who spends time on this earth has an impact on something or someone. I believe every moment of every life has meaning and purpose.

The following was added May 29, 2020 ~  C Mashburn

I came across this post in my FB memories this morning, and after reading it, especially in light of what’s going on in our country today, I couldn’t bring myself to publish it without adding the following:

But… what about those who are not good and decent? What about those who are just plain evil? Well, in my humble opinion, based on my belief that God is ultimately in charge, I believe He uses even bad people to accomplish His plan for this world and what comes after we are finished here. It’s that simple.

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