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Obsessing… Still

Obsessing Still

olds 442

My first new car. I still dream about it sometimes; finding it in an old barn, maybe.

In my youth I was obsessed

The automobile and its awesome power

Owned me

Its only rival the music that

Moved me

Or were they partners in the game 

Both have ceased to call to me


And yet… I find myself obsessing still

But now… with being still

Absorbing silence

Breathing deep of the rose

Rendered odorless by man’s fumbling desire

To make things “better”


In the void, seeking; sometimes finding

Blessed inner peace

Wanting nothing more

Hoping for nothing less

Obsessing on its promised caress

All else… scattering in the road

Behind me


Now and then, glancing up to the mirror

Watching… as the silent movie plays

Parts and pieces bouncing and tumbling

Into the muddy ditch of the past

Once filled with the raging waters

Of my life


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


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The Muted Movie Plays

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When the Music Stops

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