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Found Money

I push aside worn shirts looking for my suit. I hate going to these “parties”, but not as much as I hate wearing a suit and tie. I’ll get over it—always do—but the thing is… well, as usual, we’re so broke we can’t pay attention.

The car’s got less than a quarter tank in it, and I got a buck or three to my name until payday. I couldn’t sleep last night, but her! She just gave my shoulder a pat, then slipped right off to dreamland. Then, as I was finally drifting off to sleep, I heard Mom’s voice; “Don’t worry, Charlie. God will provide.” I groaned and answered out loud, “Sure, Mom. Is He gonna leave a twenty under my pillow?”

serendipityThen! Tonight, we’re getting ready and when I shove my wallet into the inside pocket of my suit jacket I feel something. “No way,” I whisper. But yes way! I pull the wallet out, reach back in, and stare at a folded twenty-dollar bill.

She’s in front of the mirror, checking her hair—again—and I grin at her.

“What?” she says, returning the grin.

I give her a playful pat—not on the shoulder—and say, “You look gorgeous. But come on, we have to stop for gas.”

Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five ~ Window Falls, Idaho?

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five!

Window Falls, Idaho?

Y’all ain’t gonna believe this! I’m still scratching my head, and Sherry’s still rubbing hers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five ~ Big Sky! Little Troubles!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five!

Big Sky! Little Troubles!

Undaunted by my little scheduling blip, and after about an hour and a half of backtracking, we were back on schedule and headed north to Montana. And it seemed the minute we entered the state, it was suddenly obvious why they call it the “big sky” country. Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five ~ Uh-Oh! Wrong “Falls”!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five!

Uh-Oh! Wrong “Falls”

Lesson learned; don’t make hotel reservations when it’s two hours past your bedtime, and you’re not even sure what time zone you’re in! Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Diet? What diet?

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Four!

Diet? What diet?

Day four turned out to be a wash out, and the drive from Moab, Utah to Twin Falls, Idaho was pretty drab after all the fabulous scenery we’d seen on day two and three. It wasn’t bad—it’s all beautiful in its own way—but it just couldn’t compare to the good stuff.

So, anyway, I thought I’d take advantage of this lull in the action to aggravate Bill. Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Monument Valley ~ Pure Awesomeness!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Three!

Monument Valley ~ Pure Awesomeness!

I’d seen the awesome sights of Monument Valley many times; my grandparents lived in Moab, Utah for years, while we lived in Buckeye, AZ, and we made the trip quite often. But, still, it was a sight to behold. Here are a few of the pics: Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ The Grand Canyon ~ Rained Out!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Three!

The Grand Canyon ~ Rained Out! Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Muleshoe, Texas??

Foobaw 2013 ~ The Drive!

Day One ~ Muleshoe, Texas??

Then! After we filled the car with fuel, it almost didn’t start. It did one of those eeer-uhh, eer-uhh eeeer-uhhh things, and then, much to my relief, fired up. Thing is, I knew the battery was getting weak, and should have replaced it prior to starting this long trip. But, nooooo, Read the rest of this entry »

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Foobaw 2013 ~ Wide Open Spaces!

Foobaw 2013 ~ The Drive!

Day One ~ Wide Open Spaces!


Day one was a day filled with sagebrush and sunshine, but in its own special way, the countryside we traveled through is beautiful. Flat, and sometimes lonely, the wide open spaces were an awe-inspiring sight to see.

Our first full day was not without its adventures, Read the rest of this entry »

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