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Puppy Love

Since we’re on a dog theme, I thought I’d slip this little ditty in on you. I’m wondering if any of my pals and gal pals from Buckeye remember those 7th and 8th grade dances we had at the elementary school cafeteria? I sure do, and this poem pretty much how they were for me…


Puppy Love

Recollecting Junior High dances

Ah, they were fear personified

Boys all huddled against one wall

Girls in bunches on the other side


Black slacks, white shirts, shiny shoes

Pretty dresses on giggling girls

Boys sporting crew-cuts and cowlicks

Little ladies in pigtails and curls


A brave lad would stroll across the room

His true love a vision in pink

He’d ask her for a dance somehow

Though mind and lips were on the blink


Once the brave lad had broken the ice

The rest of the boys crossed the floor

Hearts thumping and eyes open wide

Thinking, what am I doing this for


The scene was the same at each dance

Boys swearing, she’s the one I dream of

Until the next dance; a brand new romance

For alas it was only puppy love


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

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