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You Got Some Splainin’ To Do!

First off, thanks to all who read my blog! In what seems a very short time, readership has grown quickly, and I appreciate each and every one who stops by to see what I have to say each day.

Today ends my second full month of “blogging”, and if the normal amount of Tuesday visitors stop in, I will record 4000 plus visitors for the month. I’m not real sure, but I think that’s pretty good. Read the rest of this entry »

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Subscribe: It’s FREE

I recently was asked if subscribing to my blog costs anything. HEAVENS NO! I would not for one minute (well, maybe for one minute) for two minutes think that anyone would pay for this! Subscribing might be the wrong word to use, but that’s what they call it (the dreaded “they”) <shudder> Read the rest of this entry »

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Book Signing Event Today!

·         HEY!! We’re having our 2nd book signing event today! It will be at Hastings, in Bryan, on Villa Maria, from 2-4PM. If you live in, or know people who live in, the Bryan/College Station area, “share” this post, so everyone will get the news. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Little Help Here!


I would like to invite all those who read my daily encouragements to be a part of them in a new way. Or, to put it another way: A little help here, please!
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Daily Encouragement

March 30

            I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, oh Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

            After writing on Psalm 91—sometimes referred to as the protection Psalm—I felt a need to transition into peace. It seems only natural if we trust God to protect us, it will bring us peace.

            I hear many complaints these days from people regarding their inability to sleep at night. Sleep has never been a problem for me, and I find it interesting when those I know—especially those I assume are at peace with God—tell me they have trouble sleeping. My first response is to encourage them by telling them not to let it bother them. Of course, the usual response I get after rendering that sage advice is, “Yes, but ______.” (fill in the blank.)

            There are many reasons why folks have difficulty sleeping at night, and my thought is that most of them have to do with worry, which is (in my opinion) a form of fear. Fear can be directed at a number of things: health, finances, job, children, spouse. You name it, and somebody right this minute is worrying about it. I believe, even if you insist you must worry your problems into submission, you still need to rest at the end of each day. When your head hits the pillow, I contend you must give it all to God—let him handle it while you get some sleep. If you can’t be at peace during the day, at least let go at night and get some rest.

            It is that simple! Lie down at night, and let go. Sleep in peace.

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Daily Encouragement

March 29

            “With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Psalm 91:16

            Psalm 91 can easily be condensed. Verses 1 and 16 sum it up quite nicely: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” All we have to do is dwell in the shadow of God, and He will satisfy us with long life and His salvation; all He wants from us is for us to be near Him—with Him. Isn’t that the epitome of love, the desire to have someone with you always, to continually enjoy their presence? I think it is; I think that is exactly what love is.

            God wants us to enjoy our lives here on earth, and true enjoyment can be known if we rest in His shadow. True rest can only be had when we are at peace, and when we are content beneath the wings of the greatest protector of all, how can we not be at peace? In large part, my peace comes from knowing I will spend eternity with God; it comes from knowing He is always with me, and His love for me surpasses any love I can imagine; it comes from the knowledge that God calls me His own—His child.

            As I grow nearer to God, I understand Him more and more. As I understand Him more, my eyes grow wide with amazement. How can He love me this much? I am overwhelmed! I am truly satisfied!

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Daily Encouragement

March 26

            You will tread upon the lion and the cobra: you will trample the great lion and the serpent. Psalm 91:13

            Do you remember the TV show, “Diff’rent Strokes”, and the character Gary Coleman played in it? He was Arnold, and his big brother was Willis. One of Arnold’s signature lines in the show was when he would scowl at Willis and say, “Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?” Sometimes, when I read a verse in the Bible like today’s verse, the thought runs through my head, “Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout, God?”

            I’m sure I could find some information in books and on the Internet to enlighten me on this verse, but sometimes (okay, you got me, most of the time), I like to just say what it means from my own perspective. I might not come up with the most accurate explanation, but I think it’s usually close enough. I figure if I’m way off on it, and God wants me to see it a different way, He’ll show me what it really means.

            I think this verse is simply another way of saying when God is with us, nothing can be against us, and nothing can harm us. When you get right down to the core of it, that’s what Psalm 91 is all about—God’s protection over those who love Him. He gave us dominion over every living thing that moves on the earth (Genesis 1:28), and in my way of thinking, all means all!

            Not to bore you with repetition, but, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it!” We are protected from all that might harm us!

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Daily Encouragement

March 25

            They will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. Psalm 91:12

            I love this one! There have been many times when I almost hit my head, stub my toe, almost pull into an occupied lane while driving, and yet, somehow, avoided the mishap. Many of those times, it was like my body recognized—felt—the object I was about to unexpectedly encounter, or in the case of driving, a “sense”—a small voice—crying out to warn me. Have these things ever happened to you? Is our “sixth sense”, as our uncanny ability to react to the unknown and unforeseen is often called, really God’s angels protecting us? I think it is!

            I think that last second jerking back of the head before it collides with a shelf or other object is one of God’s angels, grabbing your shirt collar and pulling you away so you don’t hurt yourself. That hesitation, looking down at the last instant, just before you would have banged your toe on a rock while you were strolling barefoot on the beach gazing at the waves pounding the surf—is that an angel lifting your foot?

            As for the driving thing, I can’t count the number of times I have “almost” made a terrible mistake, only to have that small voice—that sense of danger—whisper, “Don’t!” Sometimes, the look in the other driver’s face (just beyond his one-finger wave) is one that not only displays anger, but also contains a bit of wonder at how I suddenly realized I was about to crash into his car. (Well, I guess they could be wondering how a nut like me is allowed to drive a car.)

            All joking aside, I believe God does have angels watching over us, and I thank Him for it!

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Daily Encouragement

March 24

            For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

            The concept of angels is awesome to me. To think God has invisible spirits surrounding me and watching over me is hard to comprehend. It does, however, provide another explanation for His omnipotence. It seems to be a way He can be everywhere at once.

            I wrote a poem in 1998 called, “Pennies From Heaven.” I wrote a short story by the same name, and both tell the story of how when we find a penny, it has been placed there by an angel to let us know they are thinking of us. I wrote the poem to honor my departed grandfather. It assumes when we depart this earth and these mortal bodies, we go to heaven where we become angels, and are thus able to look down upon and watch after our loved ones who are still on earth. I don’t have any idea if this is how it actually works, but I like the idea.

            Whether they are departed loved ones or not, God commands angels to watch over us, and it seems to me if we have faith in Him and believe He can do all things, this is no less true than anything else He has promised us.

            I look around the room I am in now, and I imagine angels there. All is quiet now; the morning is peaceful; their job is an easy one. But…. I imagine they are watching intently, warding off any and all things that might cause me harm. I suppose they can even shoo away bad thoughts that try to weasel into my mind as I write this encouragement to you. I like it—the thought of angels guarding me.

            God is so awesome!

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