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Where No One Lives

If you’ve ever driven the small highways of Texas, you’ve seen a house like this; some of them near to falling down. I wrote this poem quite a few years ago after such a drive, and on this cold and wet East Texas day, it seems fitting to post it again. It’s kind of a sad poem, and I think you all know I’m not sad. In fact, I have much to be thankful for. I just wanted to share one of my favorite writings with you.

Where No One Lives


Wind shrieks through broken windows

           A house where no one lives

               Rusted wheel cries out an answer

                           From a well that no water gives

The painting is “Forever Yesterday” by Evelyn Peters, and the painting and poem hang side by side on our living room wall. It almost seems the poem was written about the painting, but it wasn’t.


Leafless tree that once bore fruit

  Alone in a weed filled yard

    Long since dead and barren

Lifeless limbs are grey and hard


Splintered door on rusted hinge

 Sings a mournful song then closes

  By the porch a broken trellis

    Once filled with yellow roses


                                    Porch swing sits against the wall

                                       No chains to make it swing

                                            No lovers or children to hold

                                                    When April brings the spring


                                                           Broken boards, once a home

                                                              Shelter, it no longer gives

                                                                  Tis but a pile of broken memories

                                                                     This house where no one lives


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

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