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The New Normal

My friend, Diana Preston, recently used the phrase “new normal” regarding life after her battle with cancer and life after my wife, Sherry’s, recent medical emergency. I didn’t like it. Another friend used it a few days later, then Diana said it again in a comment to one of my posts about Sherry’s road to recovery. The post is entitled, “The Same Thing… Only Different.” HA! Imagine my surprise when it hit me that “the new normal” was indeed, the same thing only different. The following is Diana’s comment, and my response:

Diana said

February 2, 2019 @ 8:33 am · Edit

I have a new normal after cancer. I think it’s true you can’t totally go back … as a person is changed after such an event…. As life is even more priceless… I have become more thankful…

charlesmashburn said

February 2, 2019 @ 8:47 am · Edit

I agree, Diana. Things like cancer and traumatic events change us–sometimes in an instant–and our lives will sometimes be altered forever. But I also believe the new normal can be an even better normal than the previous one. An example being your words, “I have become more thankful.” Sometimes the calamities of life bring us to a fuller appreciation of it, and we’re able to focus on our blessings. I’ve also learned that when we are on the outside watching our loved ones go through these things, we too are changed. We learn to appreciate the blessings of the friends and family we’ve been given to share our lives with, and we see them as the precious and valuable gifts they are.


Yes, life throws us fastballs, curves and change-ups. The key is to know nothing can be thrown at us that we cannot handle. We might have to take a pitch or two, and we might sometimes swing and miss, but we must never give up.  We should dig in and get ready to knock the next pitch out of the park. And, hey, if your new normal is a single… nothing wrong with that. You’re on base and in the game. Maybe one of your friends/teammates/loved ones will knock it out of the park and you’ll both score.

wherever you are


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Miracles And Lobos

sawyer & sherryOn Wednesday, January 2, 2019, my wife, Sherry, experienced a hemorrhagic stroke—a ruptured vessel in the brain—and had to have emergency brain surgery. She came through the surgery fine and is recovering at a quite miraculous pace. Today is Sunday, day five, of our ordeal, and though her recovery seemed to stall a bit today, we are confident she will completely recover and have full physical and mental function. It is, to me anyway, nothing short of a miracle.

Her grandson, Sawyer came for his first visit today and brought two of his teammates with him. For those who don’t know, the team I refer to is the Longview Lobos, the 2018, 6-A, Division II State Football Champions. Sherry was thrilled that the boys came to see her.

I am in in the process of writing a detailed account of all that’s happened, so please hold your questions for a few days. I hope to post the story on my blog and Facebook in a few days.

Our world stopped spinning that cold, rainy morning five days ago, but it’ll be back to full speed real soon. We’re okay, she’s getting better every day, and all we need is your prayers and love.

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My Wife is Texas COY!

It was a huge day for the Mashburn household and family yesterday, as my dear, beautiful, intelligent (I could go on and on) wife received a tremendous honor Read the rest of this entry »

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