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Pick me! Pick me!

Speaking of sandlot baseball—referring to my poem, A Game Forgot—I’m sure many of us remember the “choosing sides” before the game could start. Two captains would be chosen—sometimes self appointed for one reason or another, and they would alternately choose a player to be on their team. This was done until all the willing participants were divided up. If you are the last one chosen on the sandlot, it probably—usually—means you are not a very good player. But, hey, I always looked on the bright side; I got to play, and maybe I could get a big hit, or make a great catch; that’d show ‘em! Read the rest of this entry »

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Out For The Season!

In my story, One-Adam-12, I told how I was hired to work for Shakey’s Pizza because of my softball playing abilities. I’d never set foot in a Shakey’s prior to the district manager—he also coached the Shakey’s softball team—offering me the job as manager of Shakey’s on Central Avenue in Phoenix. Little did either of us know, but playing softball for Shakey’s was not to be in my future. Read the rest of this entry »

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