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Deeper Than the Deepest Ocean

There are galaxies full of stars and unknown things so far out in space we may never see them, even with all the technology we command. Space is beyond measure and infinite, but compared to God’s love, you could put it all on the head of a pin.

wading pools (3)

We could put our heads together, comparing God’s love to things we know, and we wouldn’t be able to find even one thing we could use to measure the extent of God’s love for us… not one.

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” John 15:9

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No Curtain Call

 No Curtain Call


A lazy sliver of moon rides a wisp of cloud

Held aloft by unseen wires among painted stars

Coyote yips in the distance; no answering call

Then the silent night wraps around me


On my back in the wind-cooled grass

I gaze at a sky, so vast so infinite

Wondering why I’m here… in this world

What my part is… in this grand cosmic play


It seems an easy role I’ve been given

That of a simple lonely man

I bungle a line now and then

But manage to stumble on


I used to dream one day she would arrive

The leading lady of this pointless drama

Twirling a frilly umbrella and smiling coyly

A better part must’ve come her way


A star suddenly falls; brilliant in its demise

A streak of dying white, then it’s gone

I wonder if that’s what life is

A flash of light; no evidence we were here


Another star silently streaks the night sky

A flash of brilliance then it’s over

I applaud with a crooked soundless smile

One act… The end… No curtain call

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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