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Say it From the Heart


Easter rose quote

I have come to believe it’s my job–encouraging others–and I do not take the responsibility lightly. I also enjoy making folks laugh, and so obviously I do have a lighter side. You will find many encouraging messages, lots of funny stories, and some fair-to-middlin poetry on my blog, Marbles in My Pocket. Take a look if you have time and scroll through the archives. Please don’t laugh at the poetry though.

Marbles in My Pocket ~ The Blog

Be Still ~ My first book of encouragements

Just A Man ~ My second book of encouragement ~ My Web Site

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Full Pockets

Marbles In My Pocket”, the title of one of my earliest blog posts, is a story about the various seasons of our childhoods, and re-reading it caused me to realize my blog is also about seasons.

marblesMy stories and poems speak of good things, sad things, deep things, frivolous things, God things, sin things, happy things, silly things, and many, many more things, while examining the various curiosities, emotions, and happenings we’ve all experienced throughout the varied seasons of our lives

So, you see, the content of my blog is very much like a pocket full of marbles, in that its content is as varied and colorful, as the things and folks I’ve shared my time on this planet with. And, though I share them freely, my pocket somehow remains… always full.

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Just A Little Tantrum!

Mother Nature threw one of her little tantrums here yesterday afternoon; two inches of rain in about thirty minutes, and much of

30 minutes worth!

30 minutes worth!

the time it was coming sideways! I always wonder how the rain gauge catches the rain when it’s going sideways. Read the rest of this entry »

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Story of the Week Award!

I just received notice from the Bluebell Books blog that my story, Be No Evil, has been selected as the story of the week in their week 7 Short Story Slam. Read the rest of this entry »

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Subscribe: It’s FREE

I recently was asked if subscribing to my blog costs anything. HEAVENS NO! I would not for one minute (well, maybe for one minute) for two minutes think that anyone would pay for this! Subscribing might be the wrong word to use, but that’s what they call it (the dreaded “they”) <shudder> Read the rest of this entry »

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Pennies From Heaven – The Story

When I first launched this blog, my poem, Pennies From Heaven was one of the first things I posted. I’m going to post it again today, for those who might have missed it. I’m also posting the story–it actually preceded the poem–for those who might like to see how it all started. Read the rest of this entry »

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