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Studies Show

romperI’m writing a piece for my blog entitled, “Studies Show”, and I’d like to include a study of my own in the article. Please answer the poll question below with either A, B, C, or D. DO NOT include a comment with your answer and do not add a comment other than your answer. If a comment is included other than A,B,C, or D, the comment will be deleted and counted as D.

Question: Which of the following would likely result in a physical fight?

  1. A white male in his early fifties walks into a bar full of liberals and shouts, “Obama was the worst president EVER!”
  2. A white male in his early fifties walks into a bar full of conservatives and shouts, “Trump is the worst president EVER!”
  3. A white male in his early fifties wearing a romper and his hair done in a man-bun walks into a bar full of bikers and doesn’t say a word.
  4. None of the above

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The Big Bang

I am constantly amazed at the “wealth” of information our generation continues to trip over. I’ll venture to say that several times daily (at least), new information is presented, and a large percentage of our gullible species swallows it whole. Or, if not whole, in little nibbles they can chew comfortably while the rest is absorbed through their skin. Just a word of advice from an old(er) redneck: if a sentence starts with “studies show”, stop reading. Read the rest of this entry »

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