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The Good Times

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We weren’t poor when I was a kid. We didn’t have a lot, but we always had enough. There were bad times and good times, but we were happy for the most part. I give Mom credit for that.

These days, when I lift her up and put her on the pedestal where I feel she belongs, she complains she doesn’t deserve it. She has the nerve to tell me she doesn’t think she was that good a mom. Say what! I can’t believe she doesn’t know how great she was, and still is. She says she made mistakes! Well, duh! Didn’t everyone?

What Mom doesn’t realize is we don’t remember the mistakes. What we remember is how much she loved us. Not because of all the big things she did, or the way she sacrificed and did without, so we could have the things we needed and wanted. She probably didn’t think we noticed when she worked extra shifts to get us those things.

But more than those things, we remember the little things. Like popcorn and soda pop. Not often, but every now and then, she’d buy a six-pack of soda pop—usually Barq’s in a variety of flavors, so we could all have our favorite—then she’d make a big batch of popcorn. Mind you, this was before microwaves, so popcorn was done in the big pan on the stove. We loved watching her shake that pan, the lid clanging and the corn sputtering against the lid.

When the corn was popped, we’d sit on the floor, munching happily, drinking soda pop, and watching whatever happened to be on television.

Those are the times we remember. Just little things, special times, and wonderful memories.

Yep. You’re the best, Mom!


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