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No Curtain Call

 No Curtain Call


A lazy sliver of moon rides a wisp of cloud

Held aloft by unseen wires among painted stars

Coyote yips in the distance; no answering call

Then the silent night wraps around me


On my back in the wind-cooled grass

I gaze at a sky, so vast so infinite

Wondering why I’m here… in this world

What my part is… in this grand cosmic play


It seems an easy role I’ve been given

That of a simple lonely man

I bungle a line now and then

But manage to stumble on


I used to dream one day she would arrive

The leading lady of this pointless drama

Twirling a frilly umbrella and smiling coyly

A better part must’ve come her way


A star suddenly falls; brilliant in its demise

A streak of dying white, then it’s gone

I wonder if that’s what life is

A flash of light; no evidence we were here


Another star silently streaks the night sky

A flash of brilliance then it’s over

I applaud with a crooked soundless smile

One act… The end… No curtain call

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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