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My Little Girl’s Room

I know I said all my posts today would honor my Mom, but I have to do at least one for two other very special Mother’s—my beautiful and special wife, Sherry, and her equally beautiful and special daughter, Tracey.

Sherry is, without a doubt, one of the best Mom’s I’ve had the pleasure to watch in action. That said, Tracey is following in her mom’s footsteps; she is an awesome mother to our grandchildren, Savannah and Sawyer.

I wrote the poem that follows in 1996 when Tracey was moving out—leaving the nest—for what we knew would probably be the final time. The poem is written from a mother’s perspective.

I might add, that it made the Internet rounds for a few years—maybe it still gets around some—and we know of instances, and have been told of others, when it has been recited—by tearful mother’s, no doubt—at weddings.

The poem is written in “song” format, so don’t think I’m stuttering when you come to the chorus!

I love you Sherry! And, Tracey, I’m proud of you,  and I love you, too. Read the rest of this entry »

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