The Last Grain of Sand

Below, you will find links to all of the un-edited chapters of my novel in progress, The Last Grain of Sand. Enjoy!

Part one: The Last Grain of Sand

Part two: Hope

Part three: Like a Fairy Tale

Part four: Then There Were Three

Part five: Cinnamon

Part six: L. Aliens in the Morning

Part seven: Dearest Wife

Part eight: Dearest John

Part nine: L. Angel

Part ten: The Books

Part eleven: Play Money

Part twelve: I Am Not Afraid

Part thirteen: Where Are They?

Part fourteen: The Worst Thing is The Best Thing

Part fifteen: Darkness

Part sixteen: Too Easy

Part Seventeen: Something Down the Road

Part eighteen: Surreal?

Part nineteen: Like A Woman Scorned

Part twenty: Running Blind

Like A Woman Scorned

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