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The Last Grain of Sand

There are times when time seems to stand still, and others when it seems to move much too fast. It does neither.

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This is a brand new story–hot off the press–and I apologize that it isn’t much of a Thanksgiving kind of tale. It’s a bit on the darker side of things, and you can thank the folks at Bluebell Books for that, because it was their prompt that inspired it. Actually, they’re not to blame at all. I doubt too many will come up with a story or poem like the one you’re about to read, based on the innocent picture they provided. Enough of my babbling! Read the story! It’s good!

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crepes 6-19 5 quoteSometimes, it seems wicked men flourish while good men suffer and perish; evil runs rampant, and good cannot be found. That’s when we must remember God is, indeed, in charge. At times, it seems God has abandoned us, but this is never the case. He’s always with us, and if we simply stay focused on Him, we’ll be at peace and know He is surely working His will in all things. Even though I’ve gained some understanding, I haven’t scratched the surface. With each morsel of knowledge God gives me, my hunger grows, and like a baby bird waits with open mouth and cries out to its mother for food, I wait with open heart and cry out to the for more knowledge of God and His love.


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