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Open Letter to the Lobos

Lobos practiceThis Lobo fan came to Longview three years ago to watch his grandson play football. He got more than he could’ve ever imagined. He got to watch a high school football team play the game the way it’s meant to be played; with passion, intensity and pride. This has been one of the best times of my life but this chapter is over, and now we all must move forward.

God willing, I’ll be in the stands next fall, but to our Lobo seniors, I want to say this: When you suffer defeat it’s okay to hang your head, but only for a moment, and just long enough to thank God for giving you the opportunity to play this awesome game in a special place at a very special time. You and your younger teammates made history. You broke records and set some that will likely never be eclipsed. Yes, it’s okay if it hurts to lose, but don’t take that hurt with you as you move on to the next stage of your life. Hold your head high and go forward with the ferocity and determination with which you played Lobo Football. Yes, you lost the last game—the last one some of you will ever play—and it hurt. But if it doesn’t hurt to lose—especially after winning 27 times in a row—you had no business playing this wonderful game. You’re champions! You will always be champions!

Thank you for the memories.

May God bless you.

A Grateful Fan

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And There They Were

I’d left the door open, and they’d invited themselves in. A hoard of them. Enough to make a village if allowed to stay. But, I thought, it will only encourage more, and soon there’d be no room for the car. So, I grabbed my trusty blower and shooed them out into the cloudy day. I could barely hear them over the blower, but it was apparent they thought I’d invented a new game, and with each sweep of the blower they chittered laughter and raced around to re-enter their new-found home. I found it un-amusing and doubled back to chase them again. Eventually, I won the battle. Or so I thought.

leaves in the garageAs soon as I shut down the blower, I heard a tittering behind me. I whipped around, and there they were, all in a row. I swear they we’re stifling more laughter and were being perfectly still, perhaps thinking I wouldn’t see them there. It was like looking at a group of children, squeezing their eyes shut tight. Smiling… thinking their closed eyes made them invisible. I couldn’t help it; I laughed out loud and then watched them titter and skitter beneath the car. I shut the garage door and let them stay.

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Love Is All We Need

minion guitarSongs have always moved me; some in a positive way, others just the opposite. Lines from songs have struck me as genius, some as profound, and some as simple truth. Interestingly, it took years for the truth of those lines to truly mean anything to me, and I too often wish I’d seen the wisdom in the words before I reached this age of… maturity. Yes, I admit, I wish I’d known then what I know now. I should have listened to the music.

Now… where I began is far behind me. I can’t even remember some of the roads I traveled, and I wonder how life might’ve been if I’d lived it all without fear.

We all do it. We scratch and claw our way to what we’re told is success, which translates to security, and then cling to it as if it can keep us safe from all harm, only to realize the light we obeyed for most of our years was the one in the middle; the yellow one. Oh sure, we often ignored and sped through it, telling ourselves if we stopped the guy behind us my plow into us. And so, we lived, caution being another word for fear. Green being just as frightening, and the red one to be avoided at all cost, because slowing down was bad enough, but stopping meant you’d given up, allowing something, someone, to take control.

But… what if we’d lived like we were dying? Would the knowledge our time was limited have caused us to throw caution to the wind? Would yellow have been meaningless, and red nothing more than a dare? How fast and how far would we have gone? Maybe not far. But we would have lived like there was no tomorrow. Or… like there was, and it counted. Counted, because it would give us more time to love, which, I’ve realized, perhaps too late, is what living is all about. Love is indeed, all we need.

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I’ll Be Your Hero, But Only If…

Still true. I am blessed.

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

It’s not her birthday, nor is it our anniversary, and so, what better day to tell the world how special she is, and how blessed I am to have her in my life.

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There Are Angels

Mom's cloud - Angels poem (2)

I have heard them

Sometimes in a word—just one

Sometimes in a conversation—a long one


I have seen them

Sometimes for a moment—a smile

For a short season—or many years


Sometimes from a distance

With only a picture

Or with words on a screen

They have touched me


Always there

Always watching

Sometimes carrying me

Sometimes simply being there


And sometimes…

Oh, yes…


I have felt them…

Seen them…

In the eyes of a mere mortal

As my soul was soothed

By kind eyes

Copyright © C Mashburn 2019

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

From my book of encouragements, Be Still.

Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still... and know that I am God"

Today is my mom’s birthday, and I can think of no better tribute than this excerpt from my book, Be Still. If you click on the link (or if you have a copy), you will see her picture on the cover. I began writing these encouragements for Mom about three years ago, and published the book last year as a gift to her. The Bible tells us we should honor our mother, and that I certainly do! Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!

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