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Handicap Parking

Some new folks had moved into the house next door. They seemed like a nice, friendly couple, so we thought we’d spend a Saturday with them and get to know them. The wives decided the flea market in Livingston would be a fun place to go, and me and him didn’t get a vote, so off we went.

After walking a mile or two at the flea market, we (the wives) decided to try out a restaurant over in Onalaska we’d heard was real good. The new neighbor dude was driving, and when we got to the place, he wheeled into a handicap space right in front of the entrance like he had every right to park there. I was riding shotgun—the ladies were in the back, talking shoes and such—and I looked over at him and give him a half grin and “the eyebrow”. He grinned full, reached in the door pocket, and hung one of them blue tags with a wheelchair on it on the rearview mirror. THAT put me in one of my moods, so I give him the V-brow-no-grin-at-all. It surprised the dickens outta me when he shot the same expression right back at me. Then… it got all of a sudden no-shoe-talkin quiet in the back seat, and I coulda swore I heard the theme music from The Good The Bad And The Ugly coming from outside the car.

I reached in my shirt pocket and got the piece of straw I keep there for such occasions, and began to chew on it. The music got louder then faded into the background as I said, “Why you got that handicap sticker?” I mean the guy looked to be every bit as healthy and able as me, so I figured it was a fair question.

He never blinked, just looked at me with steely eyes and said—real soft-like, with an undercurrent of meanness in his tone, “I ain’t got no toes.”

I blinked, and the straw fell onto my lap. “Oh,” I said.

He kept looking at me like we wasn’t finished talkin’ about it, so I said, “How come?”

He did one of those quick chin shots at me, and I blinked again and bumped the back of my head on the window. “Diabetes,” he growled.

I felt the wife’s eyes heatin’ up on the side of my head, so I decided I’d get out of the car. I gotta tell ya, for a fella with no toes he was quick, and he was staring at me over the top of that SUV when I got out and looked over that way. “We good?” he said. I don’t know how he pulled it off, but he was now chewin’ on my lucky straw.

I give him a quick nod then jumped back and opened the door for my wife. I don’t know how in the world she does it, but as she got out of the car, she was yelling at me without opening her mouth. I have learned there is no good response to such a look, so I beat-feet it around the car and went and held the restaurant door for the three of them. The looks on their faces said it was a good move and maybe I’d get through this.


We sat down at a table to order up some eats, and it seemed like everything was gonna be all right; the gals went back to shoe talk, and me and my neighbor studied the menu to see what might be good to eat. When the cute little gal come for our orders,  I asked her what she recommended, and she looked me over real good, grinned and said “You’re gonna want the baby backs.” I was thoroughly enjoying her smile when the side of my head the wife was sitting on started to heat up. I snapped my eyes back to the menu, and waited while the wives ordered. It was difficult, but when the gal looked at me, I kept my eyes on the menu and ordered myself a full rack of baby back ribs, fries, beans, and a Coke. She said, “You da man,” then turned to my new neighbor. When he ordered a salad, I looked up over the menu at him, but my eyebrows remained relaxed and non-committal. The waitress shot a grin at me, and the side of my head began to heat up something fierce, so I jumped up and went over to look at the pies they had in a glass display case by the register. When I felt it was safe I went back to the table, and as I sat down, I said, “Gonna get me some of that pie!”

“Ah, no can do,” my new neighbor said. My eyebrow twitched, but a quick glance at my wife caused it to level off quick, as—her lips never moved—she fairly screamed, “NOT-A-WORD!” I’ve studied her when she does this, and best I can tell the heat comes from her eyes. I sometimes wonder if she might be an alien. One day, she actually told me she was, but I thought she was joking. Sometimes… well, I’m not sure she was.

I think my neighbor was thinking he had me on the ropes, so he goes into this sad spiel about all the things the doctors told him to stay away from. When he was done with the list, I couldn’t figure out why a fella would want to live if he couldn’t eat all that stuff—everything on his list was in my top twenty. So… I decided to risk one quick piece of advice.

“Seems to me,” I said. “What you really need to stay away from… is doctors.”

I guess y’all know they don’t have taxis in Onalaska, Texas. hitch hiker

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A Best Seller!

Have you ever read a book so good that you were actually sad when you finished it? Well, I’m thinking my life with my beautiful wife, Sherry, is like one of those awesome books. Our anniversary today is the beginning of the rest of our life together, and we are eagerly anticipating the rest of the story. And—this is the best part… Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s Not About Money

The phrase, “In God we trust,” is constantly being bantered about on Facebook; as people post varying memes regarding the removing of it from our currency and various other items. Like this one for instance:money meme

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s good that we collectively show our allegiance to God in the many ways we do, and I think it would be good if we continue to do so. But, I also believe that in the overall scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Same Thing Only Different

There are times—one moment to the next—where something can look different. Maybe it’s the way the light hits it. A table top looks clean, then the sun peeks through a window, revealing old stains and a light layer of dust.

I sometimes wonder how we must look when God’s light shines on us.

But… He loved us even before we knew Him, and the light of his love does not reveal the stains of our past.

to wash us clean


This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10


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You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

crepes 1 Aug 2016 quoteSometimes we anticipate an event and when it finally arrives, it isn’t as exciting and wonderful as we thought it would be. We’ve all been there and done that when it comes to things not living up to the hype, but to see God… Wow! To have God smile and say, “Welcome home. I love you so much!” The thought fills me with inexpressible and glorious joy! Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Are the Heroes?

This is an old post from four years ago, but a fellow blogger featured it this week, so I thought I’d re-post it. In the original post I said, “I can hardly watch TV these days; it reminds me too much of the real world, and it appears to me this world has gone to hell. I find myself looking around and wondering; where have all the heroes gone?” As I re-read this, the thought occurred to me; who are the heroes of the younger generation today?

They rode horses, wore white hats

Fought for what they believed was right

And ran the bad guys out of town

They looked out for their neighbors

Those who couldn’t defend themselves

 the Lone Ranger quoteWhen I was six, I was the Lone Ranger

And at the same time Superman

Ever ready to stand against anyone or anything

That dared to come against

Truth, justice, and the American way

When I was eight, I was Paladin

A black hat this time, and more rugged

But a hero still, who righted wrongs

And would go anywhere

To correct injustice and defend the defenseless

When I was ten, I was John Wayne

I learned to walk like him

Tried to make my voice deep like his

And hoped I’d grow to be tall, broad shouldered and brave

But mostly, I wanted to be a good man

A superb man, a combination of all of them

Those heroes who cared little for themselves

But lived for what they could do for others

Yes, it was just television

And all my heroes were make-believe

But they made me believe and they taught me

About right and wrong, and so many things

Where have all the heroes gone?

Who do we turn to now?

What is truth, or justice?

And, what is the American way?

My heroes stood proud and tall

Hands on their hips, ready to fight

For a way of life and a country they loved

Even though it was flawed in so many ways

I love my country

But it is a love like one has for a dying loved one

And I watch her now, slumbering in drugged apathy

Gurgling immorality, indecency, and corruption

Like a death rattle in cancer-ridden lungs

Atop her aged trembling hand, I place my own

And I ache within, realizing even should she survive

A mere shadowy skeleton of what she once was

Is all that will remain

I think back on those days of yesteryear

Days when this country stood strong and proud

And I see her slowly succumbing to darkness

With no heroes to swoop to her rescue

I stare at the floor… and silently, I weep

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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Got a Minute?

crepes 8-6-2016 quote

I believe loving God leads to eternal life with Him, but I also believe loving Him is the key to happiness. I also believe when we make loving God our first priority we unlock a treasure chest of knowledge and understanding that is full of wonders. Read the rest of this entry »

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